_ T(Photos + Video) Toddler Freezes To Death After Wandering Outside In Only A T-shirt & Diaper!

A Toronto toddler freezes to death after wandering outside in a T-shirt & diaper. Check out the video and photos in the gallery and read more on the story below!

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Three year old Elijah Marsh, froze to death as he wandered outside in only his T-shirt, diaper and boots. The toddler can be seen on surveillance video looking at the front door of his grandmother’s Toronto apartment building at 4:20 a.m. Once he pushed the door open to head outside, the door locked behind him. The little boy froze to death in frigid sub-zero temperatures after walking outside. His family woke up to find him gone from the apartment.

Elijah’s body was found huddled next to an air condition unit in the corner of an apartment complex at around 10:30 a.m. He was about 1,000 feet from where he first started. Hundreds of people volunteered to help search for him. Police officers cried as they carried his cold body to an ambulance. A crowd-sourcing website, which was started by a stranger to the Marsh family, raised more than $100,000 in less than 24 hours for the toddler and more than 3,000 people donated money to the family. Toronto resident Justin Kozuch said, “I have a 3-year-old son…what happened to Elijah could have been my child…It could have been anybody’s child, and unfortunately it was somebody’s child…There’s no words.”

So sad! Check out the photos in the gallery and watch the video below!