Dude Humps Girlfriend In Front of Their Kids. I’m not a big fan of telling people how to raise their kids but certain things they just shouldn’t see or be exposed to.

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Dirty dancing right in front of their eyes is certainly something they should not see. Wait till they go to bed or just simply go into your room and lock the doors to engage in such filthy activities. This is how kids learn how to curse and have sex at a young age, and eventually end up pregnant at 16. Granted they may have been joking around in the video, their kids still saw all the movements they were doing together and will soon enough become curious about these movements and will want to try it for themselves. I think the worst part about this video might have been the girl recording it and constantly yelling encouraging words such as “Ohhh” and “Get her”. Why are you recording this moment and what does it do for you? Who even let you inside and said it’s okay to record that? Anyways, to all you young parents out there with kids, don’t do that in front of them. Wait until they go to sleep like every normal parent out there.