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Cops Save Boy’s Birthday When Friends Don’t Shows Up! Ashley Florida mom invited her son’s classmates to her sons birthday.On the day of the event no one had RSVP’d and as time went on no one showed up. She said the disappoint on her sons face killed her. Glenn is a 6 year old who has autism. Ashley took to Facebook to vent and express her hurt and disappointment. Little did she know her community was listening;even the sheriff’s office, Full story below.

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It started with the local mothers and their children showing up then the police officers came and they even had the sheriffs helicopter fly over their house. How cool is that .Ashley becomes emotional during the interview because she didn’t think that a Facebook rant could turn into such a memorable uplifting. moment. “Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought venting on Facebook would have gotten this response.” The giving didn’t stop there. Many of the officers came back a week later with toys from the police department.

Ashley stated she has received so much support from the local community they made her son so happy. She was really overwhelmed by the act of kindness from strangers people that didn’t know her or her son. When asked if she spoke to any of the 16 people she invited. She stated no she hasn’t heard anything. Glenn had the best party thanks to everyone’s act of kindness.