Jay Z’s 25-Year-Old Vintage Clip First-Ever Freestyle On TV. “It’s time to go back way back back into time” Yes a video surfaced of a younger Jay-Z show casing his rap skills with legendary “Big Daddy Kane “I seen the same s**t happen to Kane Three cuts in your eyebrow tryin to wild out The game is ours will never foul out Y’all just better hope we gracefully bow out” Twenty five years later he and his talented wife Beyonce are considered one of the richest couples in hip hip. Jay isn’t gracefully bowing out anytime soon. Make sure you Watch the clip after the jump!

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Jay Z’s 25-Year-Old Vintage Clip First-Ever Freestyle On TV
The interview addresses Big Daddy Kane’s Aids rumor and he also asks Jay- Z to spit. He doesn’t even introduce him properly.That would never happen today; people reverence him so much they act like they are afraid to ask him questions in interviews. I wonder if he knew back then that he would be considered. G.O.A.T. What’s most inspiring to me is he got his big break at 27.He said in and interview he was a grown man with experiences before his life changed forever. Nicki Minaj and Drake are another great example. I just think it gives 20 somethings who are still pursing their dreams hope. Let me know your thought in the comments