rudy giuliani speaks on stop and frisk policy

Rudy Giuliani previously but recently accused President Barack Obama of not being as patriotic as he should be and Rudy Giuliani has been under fire ever since . According to Rudy Giuliani he has been getting numerous Death threats ever since he made the comment ! Hop into the post for the details ! #IFWT

So Rudy Giuliani still does not think that our current president Barack Obama Loves America . Valid sources have spoken with the former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani this morning.

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Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani says

“I don’t regret making the statement. I believe it. I don’t know if he loves America… I don’t feel the same enthusiasm from him for America,”

Rudy Giuliani got his draft deferred multiple times in order to avoice serving time in Vietnam and his father and five uncles avoided the draft during World War Two. Both Barack Obamas grandmother and uncle served in the war…..awkward.

Besides that Rudy Giuliani says that President Barack Obama was not “Brought up the way you were and the way I was brought up through love of this country”. But isn’t that ironic that he ducked and avoided fighting for his country ? and it runs in the family ? Hmmmm.

Well we can just leave it at that

Do you agree with Giuliani

or do you think Giuliani is buggin ?