GQ Covers Funk Flex’s Weight Loss, As a man, when GQ covers something, you know it’s something that men should pay attention to! Flex met up with GQ writers a couple weeks ago, which you know if you follow Funk on IG, on a tennis court, and Flex came geared up ready to go!!

Tat Wza

GQ Covers Funk Flex’s Weight Loss;
When I say full gear, I mean his tennis outfit including his snapback and gold chains, which Flex told them;

“Normally I don’t wear the chain to hit, but I had to for GQ,” he says. “The chain makes it so gangster and gully, you don’t even understand.”

They proceeded to watch Flex do his cardio on the tennis court(Pics in the Gallery Above). The Writer, Bill Bradley, even got on the court with Flex and admits he couldn’t keep up with Flex on the court, so he had to primarily watch Flex with his instructor;

Flex, who has a fierce backhand, is rallying with his instructor because I can’t keep pace. When I do get on the court, he drops signature Flex Bombs, shouting “BOMB!” every time I sail a forehand over the backstop.

Of course GQ being real journalist, they did their research and contacted the #40DayReset people;

The idea behind the diet, if you believe the marketing department, is to speed up your metabolism and rewire your brain and body to overcome hormonal imbalances that cause weight gain. For the 47-year-old Flex, that meant no breakfast, loading up on lean proteins and vegetables, and eating portioned meals at three-hour intervals.

After Tennis, they go to lunch to discuss the Diet in full, and since it was such a big deal to everybody, they touched on what call the “now famous Jay Z rant”. To see the 10 question’s GQ asked Flex, about the Diet and HOV, including the 1 that lead to this answer;

“Oh my God, this guy is lashing out on me.”

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