In a recent interview , the Comedy film vet and star of many of your favorite movies including Friday, Mike Epps had some choice words about his past , present and future. During this interview Mike Epps also discusses how he feels about the newly emerged Compton rapper that we know and love, Kendrick Lamar . Hop into the post to see what he said !

Apparently Mike Epps gets a big check from artists, as he goes on at one point in the interview about how many music videos he has done, and how many times he has done skits during artists songs. Mike Epps Speaks on his TDE affiliation and its probably a little more then you thought.

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Mike Epps continues about his affiliation with TDE and says “Kendrick, he’s a good kid. You know, me and Top Dawg [are] real good friends.”

As the discussion with Mike Epps went on about Kendrick Lamar he then spoke on how similar he believes Kendrick Lamar is to 2pac Shakur.

“I think he’s a great lyricist. The dude is really ahead of his time with some of the words and stuff. The lyrics that he puts together is of our day. He really represents this generation. He reminds me a lot of ‘Pac. The way he puts together his lyrics. How he speaks about real life. It’s gang related — it’s street,”

The Beloved Comedian Mike Epps also shed light on a potential Friday sequal that everybody is feigning for . Mike Epps compares his fans hunger for a new Friday Film too the anticipation behind the allegedly upcoming boxing match between Mayweather and Pacquiauo

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