Kanye Tears Up in BBC Interview

Yeezy’s human: A rather unusual but honest and heartfelt display of emotion as Kanye Breaks Down in Tears over loss of an icon during a BBC interview with Zane Lowe, effectively stopping the insightful and in-depth interview however continuing his legacy as a highly memorable guest.

Kanye Breaks Down in Tears during a sit down with BBC Radio 1 for an exclusive interview the UK among most was buzzing about leading up. Returning since his last guest spot in September 2013, Ye left audiences with his usual passionate, edgy, blunt, knowledgeable, intriguing and unique voice to various topics. However midway through this time, another side briefly took center to everyone’s surprise–probably even to Kanye.

The exact placement of Kanye Breaks Down in Tears came as he described Louise Wilson, a well respected former professor at London’s Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design, who taught fashion over some of the world’s most renowned figures including Alexander McQueen. Louise passed away in 2014:

“Last time I saw her, we had dinner at Hakkasan, which is my favorite restaurant in London, and I think she knew that she was gonna pass; she just wanted to give me some words of advice moving forward,” he said, adding that Wilson asked about his wife, Kim Kardashian, and his daughter, North. I didn’t know we were gonna lose her. She told me, she said, Thank you for the times where we came to performances, and this has really meant a lot to me. She would…”

Safe to say anyone can relate to the wrenching and unexpected loss of a loved one and mentor…let alone dealing with it in the public eye. Zane Lowe appropriately allowed a moment to himself in private after Kanye Breaks Down in Tears, holding his face in his hands. For someone constantly building a legendary career as well as surrounded by people, paparazzi and critics–you can imagine how it feels to lose someone special. The loss must be more difficult considering his recent accomplishments in the fashion world which took a lot to overcome.

*Other than the tears,* the Hip Hop legend goes in depth about the clash of creativity and celebrity, branching out of the artist realm, the Adidas deal, corporations, the upcoming album and more (still a really dope interview). And trust there’s a fresh stock of “Yeezyisms” to hold you…

Check the vid for the full interview, the break in flow is around (25:00).


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