One Dress Might Break the Internet...or Nah

Are you Team White and Gold, or Team Blue and Black??? Brace yourself for the latest distraction as Really?: A Single Dress Attempts to Break the Internet…really???

OK here’s the deal. The Really?: A Single Dress Attempts to Break the Internet story is all about an “optical illusion dress” posting to the web by Tumblr user swiked which put the whole net in a twilight zone. Now obviously there’s a huge difference between white and gold, black and blue–hence the debate started out with a sizzle and heated to a flame. People have gone from “is this a trick” and “I can’t handle this” to “I’m going to cry,” “spread this until we reach NASA” and “if that’s not gold my entire life has been a lie” (LOL).

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Apparently be it the power of suggestion or just clever editing magic, the colors are for most people changing in front of their eyes. The madness took new heights however as a high profile media outlet followed by a credible art and digital media company weighed in on Really?: A Single Dress Attempts to Break the Internet according to Complex:

“Buzzfeed has attempted to get to the bottom of this mystery and found that the dress appears to be white and gold when the blue-toned light in the background is removed. However, when saturation is added and exposure lowered, the dress appears to be conclusively blue and black. Alternate angles and the dress’s stock image are heavily in favor of Team Blue and Black. Tech company Adobe has even weighed in on that matter using its color tools to deduce that the dress is blue and black.”

Well there is a Rep for the company that makes this dress called Roman Originals and the rep has confirmed that the Dress is Blue and Black . The Dress also comes in pink and black , black and red , white and black but there isn’t a white and gold option yet . Though White and gold is currently unavailable Roman Originals is looking to add it to the line because of how much noise the dress is making all over the internet.

On the business side , Roman Originals has said that there sales are up by 347%

And of course, Really?: A Single Dress Attempts to Break the Internet only picked up speed when numerous celebrities started chucking their two cents in on Twitter (SMH). Check the gallery for the tweet action on this and decide what team you’re on…or you could just move on with life. Decisions, decisions…

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