Poor fella. Thankfully, we’ve heard nothing but good things about Fan of a Fan, because Tyga can’t catch a break in all other aspects of his career(s). In the words of Rihanna, what now? The California-born rapper is being sued by a former business partner, in connection to his Last Kings clothing line.

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A lawsuit, dating back at least a year, claims that Tyga used former business partner Glennon Marrero’s graphic designs for the Last Kings clothing line, but didn’t hand over any profit. Tyga clapped by responding to the suit that he had given Marrero a percentage of the company and NEVER promised any funds for the designs. Besides that, Marrero stepped down from Last Kings in 2012, which forfeits all commission made from the line.

Like a ping pong ball, Marrero comes back again, and replies that no one is buying Last Kings because Tyga’s celebrity status, but they are due to his designs. He took things as far as hiring an expert to conduct research with consumers to see if they knew who Tyga was. In court documents, the expert states that Tyga is irrelevant to clothing sells, is not Egyptian or of royal heritage and says his line is confusing and convoluted and no way relates to his own image to the public. If they didn’t know him then, bet they’ll know him now. Tyga is dating a Kardashian/Jenner team member.

Unless its Dior, Cavalli, Gucci, etc., who knows the back story of of the clothing they buy? I’m just saying, when you go into a store – that’s not top notch name brand – are you looking for something cute to wear, or are you looking to buy something because your favorite artist is behind its making?

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