ifwt_ Treach, Tupac and Grand Puba

Cipher Between Tupac, Grand Puba and Treach? Happy Flashback Friday! “It’s time to go back, way back, back into time” We have dug up a video from 1992 of three legendary rappers Tupac, Grand Puba and Treach. The video shows the sport of Hip Hop before it turned into a East Coast West Coast “thing” More details after the jump.

Cipher Between Tupac, Grand Puba and Treach?
Tupac’s untimely death took a toll on Hip Hop and the people who were a fan of his message and music. Treach has voiced his opinions on the “Holler If You Hear Me ” rapper’s tragic death. He stated that Tupac Shakur “Had A Deadline” “We spoke many a times, and he was like, I don’t see myself growing old,” he also commented on the beef between Tupac and Biggie “It only needed some time before ‘Pac and Big would have sat down, period, ’cause they was boys before that,”

Tupac was really a special individual. I sometimes marvel at how wise he was and how much he accomplished by the age of 25. That is really young he made history in 25 years. He will forever be considered in everyone’s top 5 along with Biggie and Jay Z.
Knowing the history made P- Diddy and Snoop Doggs’s concert during All-Star Weekend even more special.the 20 year reunion of the East and West Coast. Let me know your opinions in the comments!

2Pac Grand Puba & Treach Freestyle Session by homhom