Lil Wayne

Police cars where flying down the road racing each other to Lil Wayne ‘s Home in Miami beach early this morning (February 28th). Hop into the post for more info and pics ! #IFWT

Apparently there was a police report of a suspicious lurker in Lil Waynes Neighborhood , The police raced to the home of Lil Wayne and searched his property.

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Law enforcements say that Miami Beach Police officers all rushed to Lil Waynes home after a call was made early that morning. The police report was made at about 3 AM saying that there was a suspicious looking man in Lil Waynes neighborhood very close to Lil Wayne ‘s home .

According to police sources Lil Wayne wasn’t around at the time . But whether Lil Wayne was home or not the cops searched his property anyway for the reported suspicious suspect. The police came up with nothing while searching the home of Lil Wayne so there was nobody arrested or anything like that but the whole situation did catch the attention of some locals and alarm few neighbors but that’s really all .

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