Vic Mensa Blasts Back at Kanye Insult

The latest shade thrown Yeezy’s way comes following his premiere performance of “All Day” at the 2015 Brit Awards, but some have decided Hip Hop’s not going to just sit back and take the disrespect lightly. Now Vic Mensa Responds to Oasis Singer’s Kanye Diss after a series of harsh (or just salty?) words aimed at Yeezus neck!

Vic Mensa Responds to Oasis Singer’s Kanye Diss following front-man Liam Gallagher’s heated Twitter comments. While many in the Brit Awards crowd were rocking to the live performance of Yeezy season’s latest cut, apparently some were sitting–most likely with faces screwed and arms folded… Liam took to social after the event to tweet “Kanye West. Utter sh*t.” and it didn’t stop there. He followed up with:

“@kanyewest …And you’re a million miles away from College Dropout. That’s artistry.”

(Guess that was the part where Ye was supposed to drop a tear and thank him for the guidance). Well Vic Mensa is more than a fellow Chicago native and featured artist on the Ye single “Wolves.” Call it loyalty that Vic Mensa Responds to Oasis Singer’s Kanye Diss with an attitude that was simultaneously unmoved and* a gun blast back, for Ye and for Hip Hop:

“f*ck @liamgallagher and his irrelevant old man opinions. really who cares about this dude anymore??? white washed world: you should all be scared”

Note that Liam Gallagher is a ‘repeat offender’ when it comes to Hip Hop:

This isn’t the first time Oasis has garnered notoriety in the hip-hop world. In 2008, when Jay Z was selected to headline the famous British music festival Glastonbury, Noel Gallagher, Liam’s brother and bandmate, said he refused to see hip-hop at Glastonbury–“it’s wrong.” Jay responded by coming out on stage to “Wonderwall,” Oasis’s biggest hit.

Do you think Vic Mensa Responds to Oasis Singer’s Kanye Diss is valid? Why do you think people are quick to embrace “Old Ye” but dismiss his current work–when it’s really just an extension of what he’s always been? Is this an expected “white washed world” reaction to a Hip Hop performance with 100 black men in all black and hoodies…or nah?

Check the gallery for the tweet action and other Vic Mensa moments!

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