Justice Department To Make New Ferguson Announcement

Could the string on non-indictments in our rear view have a change in sight? Long-standing discrimination, a racist joke coming to surface, cover-ups and possible settlements swirl as the Department of Justice To Make Major Announcement About Ferguson. “It should be more than obvious that something had to change in Ferguson…”

…Jinx reporting for Complex hit the nail on the head on this response to city Mayor James Knowles who feels the feds should have let this go. The Department of Justice To Make Major Announcement About Ferguson very soon about the fate of the entire Ferguson Police Department. Though they may have escaped convictions and policy changes since the killing of Michael Brown they now however face a wall of accusations almost as big-if not bigger.

Among the issues bringing the Department of Justice To Make Major Announcement About Ferguson are racial profiling evident by numbers as well as the circulation of a racist joke via email throughout the Ferguson Police Department that’s been under investigation:

“…in addition to revealing that city officials took part in a racist joke. Officials who have been aware of the report’s findings say the report denounces the police department of Ferguson–for disproportionate stops, ticketing, and arrests of African American residents. And claims that the funds used from the fines were used to balance the city’s budget.”

Wow…the justice department is set to make the announcement sometime early this week! The New York Times reports, “it will force Ferguson officials to either negotiate a settlement with the Justice Department or face being sued by it on civil rights charges.”

The Department of Justice To Make Major Announcement About Ferguson also comes after the dismissal of all charges to officer Darren Wilson and the dissolve of any chance for a larger civil rights case, as well as a number of dropped cases including Eric Garner, the Brooklyn shooting of Akai Gurley and 7 year old Aiyana Jones. The last situation of conviction was the FBI’s conclusion on the New Jersey police department police brutality case, though word of an “open and honest” dialogue between police and the black community has been deemed necessary.

This is also the last* case of Eric Holder’s career as the first black US Attorney General.

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