Suge Knight Going Blind?

The saga continues: After another rush visit and even more hospital attention Suge Knight is Going Blind while awaiting the conclusion of his recent murder charge. He’s told the judge the unexpected news…but will this do him any better in court???

Suge Knight is Going Blind following his recent trips to the hospital for stomach problems and other triggered malfunctions from a stressful year, let alone career.

The Daily Mail reports Suge Knight is Going Blind and has also fired his attorney, arriving at the Los Angeles Superior Court today wearing glasses (nice touch). But in all seriousness the Death Row icon says he’s “completely blind in one eye and 15% blind in the other” (damn). This marks the third hospital visit since the case began, he maintains his health is failing and this is not his only complication.

“Knight, 49, also told Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James Brandlin on Monday that he had fired attorneys handling his case and was receiving inadequate medical treatment in custody…Knight said he was having difficulty comprehending the proceedings and told the judge he had been shot six times last year and had a blood clot in his lungs and other complications. He also said he had lost 35 pounds as a result of his injuries.”

Suge Knight is Going Blind is the latest headline on his update and whereabouts of the situation since his ex-wife Miche’le spoke on the murder charge. It was revealed earlier last month that the murder of Terry Carter (caught on security footage) on the set of Straight Outta Compton was due to Suge feeling some type of way about his portrayal in the movie.

Check the vid to see his court appearance before the blind announcement!

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