Jay Electronica Announces 2015 Tour

Now if you’re a Jay Elect fan and you live in the US…you’re understandably pissed. Years have gone by with little public appearance, media news and definitely no album to speak of–on some “Detox” vibes for real…but even though this effectively does nothing for a lot of people, there’s light over yonder! Jay Electronica Announces Tour, Starting with Europe and China!

You should let the news of Jay Electronica Announces Tour be a good thing, a great thing if you’re a fan. First of all it means there’s still life in this! Jay who rose from being homeless, to a relatively underground following, to a rebel artist and ‘urban myth’ status…with the likes of Mos Def, Diddy, Nas, Jay-Z, Louis Farrakhan, Common and more co-signing, collaborating, supporting or looking to sign him from early on till now. Second, his haters have just a little less ammunition because he’s on the move–collecting coin and connecting with listeners beyond the festival scene, reaching places most will never touch let alone have influence and* a following in. Third…maybe this is a warm-up!

The US side of the Twitter-verse is really in its feelings right now hearing Jay Electronica Announces Tour. As much excitement and praise is buzzing as is shots and bitterness:

“@What exactly is Jay Electronica gonna perform on this tour lol.” [@theEricGlife] “light 40 candles on stage and read the 48 laws of power” [@big_business] “read his tweets while sitting on a couch with exhibit A in the backround” [@Its_JustLawry] “bruh that would be dope i can’t even lie” [@big_business]

“F*ck you mean you touring in China… But you not hittin the hood @JayElectronica?! F*ck is good Fam?” [@HeadphoneNaut]

But rest assured Hip Hop fans! Remember that he does* have a catalog–be it brief, and he has enough depth and unreleased material as an artist to pull a show together let alone a few albums. The Jay Electronica Announces Tour dates and locations are as follows:

March 6th – Aktionshalle, Zurich @ Rote Fabrik
March 7th – Lausanne, Swiss @ Les Docks
March 11th – Bristol (UK) @ Exchange
March 12th – Dublin, Ireland @ Whelan’s
March 13th – Oxford (UK) @ 02 Academy
March 14th – London (UK) @ KOKO

March 17th – Beijing, China @ Yugong Yishan
March 18th – Shanghai, China @ Arkhan
March 20th – Hong Kong, Hong Kong @ Fly HK

You bout to catch a flight or nah??? Check the vids and the gallery up top!

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