IFWT_Kobe Bryants Muse

The Showtime documentary “Kobe Bryant’s Muse” is one of the best athlete docs I’ve ever seen.  One of the best basketball players of all time – on the back end of his career – opened up and let the world into his life.  The Los Angeles Lakers star made an emotional revelation that his wife Vanessa had a miscarriage during his infamous rape case in 2004.

Shay Marie

“We were expecting…and um…expecting our second child during that time…and there was just so much stress, she actually, she actually miscarried,” Bryant said of his wife Vanessa.

Kobe Bryant choked up and fought back tears as he took the blame for his wife’s miscarriage, calling it: “Something I gotta carry forever.”

“The reality is it happened because of me. That’s something I have to deal with,” admitted Bryant.

Bryant was arrested in connection with the sexual assault of a hotel employee at a Colorado resort in 2003, but the case was dropped in September 2004 when the woman opted not to testify. The 36-year-old spoke about the ordeal and how it impacted his family.

“It’s something…I have a real hard time dealing with that ’cause I felt like it was just my fault,” Bryant said in the documentary, which premiered Saturday.

“We should be building our family,” he continued. “But because of my mistake, because of this tough year, we lost a baby.”

Bryant also praised Vanessa saying she could’ve left him and taken half of his money but she decided to stay and fight with him.

The couple have two beautiful daughters Natalia and Gianna.

h/t NYDN