While Bobbi Kristina lays in a hospital bed fighting for her life, her father Bobby Brown’s family is shooting a reality TV show in the mean time. According to sources, Bobby’s two sisters, brother and kids are filming a reality show based around their lives, which also includes Bobbi’s suffering with her latest health issues. According to Brown’s lawyer, he will NOT be appearing in the show thankfully.

Although no filming has went down in the actual hospital as of yet, it is apparently a conversation that gets brought up everyday in their home when discussing what they’ll say on camera about Bobbi Kristina’s tragic situation. Bobby’s sisters have had a rocky past though from dragging Ray J under the bus by saying he fueled Whitney Houston’s coke habit to saying they smoked cracked with the late legend. Looks like they’re back with their nonsense and are just trying to cash out on the expense of their niece. SMH! Bobby isn’t to blame per say for this but he should definitely tell his family they are crossing the line and it is not cool. Bad enough he has to deal with a dying daughter and a newborn on the way. I’m sure his stress level is off the roof!

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Source: TMZ