My boo, not Rihanna’s; MINE! (Moment Had). For months now, rumors have circulated that Leonardo Dicaprio and “FourFiveSeconds” singer, Rihanna are the new couple to watch. Spotted in some of the latest house parties (including Rihanna’s birthday party), and hottest nightclubs, the pair were said to be quite the cozy. While RiRi remains hushed, the Titanic lover boy speaks out on the possible relationship.

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JaaiR (JR)
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Leonardo Dicaprio had THIS to say about the rumors surrounding his dating life. Well not Leo, but a source mentions that he and, “Rihanna are just friends.” Hmm, a certain Biz Markie song comes to mind. Ohhhh baby you got what I neeeed… “Leo is and has been single for some time. He has been working on/shooting ‘The Revenant” in Canada for months,” the source adds. Besides all of that, Leo is a date-a-holic. The latest model was seen with him on Friday at Muse frontman Matt Bellamy’s house in LA. So, are any of us special – other than myself?

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