Turns out someone with much more influence in Hip Hop, especially in Texas, was the real reason for Steve Francis getting his chain returned after it was snatched during a concert in Houston this week. Rap-A-Lot records CEO, J. Prince allegedly put the word out that the chain needed to be returned to Francis immediately and it didn’t take long for the chain to surface after that.


Via TMZ:

The NBA legend was chain snatched by some dumbass at a Sauce Twinz concert in Houston last weekend.

Now, we’ve learned … Francis has some powerful friends in Houston — including Prince, who not only runs Rap-A-Lot Records, but is known in the rap community as a guy you just don’t mess with.

Also, the Sauce Twinz are managed by YEMG … the management group owned by Prince’s son, Jas.

Sources connected to Prince tell us once he learned the chain went missing … he put out word, “The chain must be returned.”

That’s when the Twinz and their pals went into “super recovery mode” to track down the culprit.

And surprise surprise, the chain turned up a short time later … and will be reunited with Francis.

Joe Casey @IamJoeSports