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Oprah Closes Chicago Based Harpo Studios! So here are the facts Oprah’s four-building Harpo Studios will close its doors in Chicago’s West Loop in December after 26 years ,she sold the 3.5-acre campus to a developer last year for $32 million and only a few of her 200 Chicago workers will be joining her 140-person LA staff. Wow even Oprah is downsizing.Find out why after the jump.

Oprah Closes Chicago Based Harpo Studios

In 1990, Winfrey moved into Harpo Studios in Chicago’s’ West Loop, helping transform the surrounding neighborhood from a bleak industrial park into a trendy, family-friendly community.Winfrey continued filming her popular daytime show at the 3.5-acre campus until 2011 when she left to start her own cable network.That year, then-Chicago Mayor Richard Daly renamed the street outside Harpo Studios Oprah Winfrey Way.

The Day’s of Oprah giving the audience free cars and lavish gifts are over! It’s been reported that Oprah’s executives have been flying back and fourth from Chi-Town to Hollywood for the past 4 years;although Oprah is a billionaire those trips add up, and it just isn’t cost effective. I wonder if her ordering 20+ episodes for all 4 of Tyler Perry’s shows is directly related to the 200 people being laid off? Most recently Queen Latifah laid off all of her staff as well. This is a valuable lesson for everyone.There is no such thing as job security. It’s important to save and have multiple streams of income.The positive part is she gave her employees enough time to find a new job.Let me know your thoughts in the comments.