Knicks fans…you can all let go of the hope that we were going to be able to sign Marc Gasol in the off season and steal him away from Memphis. He just made it very clear that New York will not be a destination for him and can you blame him? The entire franchise is a joke, and with the exception of the 2012-2013 season, we have been a joke for over a decade. Hopefully things will turn around next season, but Gasol won’t be apart of it. He did however drop a hint to a new possible location.


The Grizzlies can offer an extra year of guaranteed salary on a max deal than can any other team, and that alone may be enough for Gasol to re-sign. But when adding in the fact that Memphis is capable of competing with the league’s elite as currently constructed, there would seem to be little incentive for him to attempt to sign anywhere else.

A little birdie who knows of what he speaks tells me Gasol has already ruled out playing for the New York Knicks. It’s nothing personal with Phil Jackson or that consummate New Yorker, Jim Dolan (gag). It’s a matter of money. He can get a five-year deal to stay in Memphis, where he attended high school. After taxes, that will be worth more than twice what he would get from New York.

Prior to the Grizzlies/Lakers game last night however, Gasol mentioned he might look good in purple & gold and you know that is going to send Lakers fans into a frenzy until the summer. At the end of the day however I doubt Gasol goes anywhere. There aren’t many better teams than Memphis in the entire league and Gasol is not one of those guys who care about being in a big market. Check the gallery.