Chris Brown's secret daughter

I’m guessing fatherhood is not as dope Chris Brown initially thought it would be, after impregnating some random. Scratches head. It looks like there’s baby mama drama already?! Chris Brown heads to family court over 9 month old daughter Royalty. Yup. See why inside.

Oh Chris, the joys of fatherhood after raw dogging a married former model. Breezy is finding out yet again that his actions have consequences, after the world found out he secretly impregnated Nia Gunzman, who WAS residing quietly in Texas before news of their “love child” broke. Chris Brown is now dealing with fall out everywhere. Aside from his off-and-again love Karreuche finally throwing up the deuces, washing her hands of any baby mama drama, plus lets not forget, DUH the world being all up in his business after just learning last month that he is indeed a pappy.

Well naturally Breezy is looking for anybody to blame but himself, and is now pointing the finger at Nia for leaking news to the press. The two had originally worked out a private arrangement so that he could care for his child, not to mention her silence which is why he was not on child support. However, ole Breezy is changing that up now, and headed to family court to be placed on a sliding scale for child support. Which will definitely lessen what he was putting in her back account for her silence…but hey the woman’s already rich now, and has a guaranteed hefty stream of income for the next 18 years. Needless to say, she’s good Chris. Well done. Next time you may want to wrap it up. In the word’s of Dave Chappelle, “KOBE”!

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Who’s really to blame here? Nia, Chris, or both? Share your thoughts.