People Are getting more money off of Air From A Kanye West Concert then your favorite rapper does off his/her record sales….HOP INTO THE POST FOR THE PICTURES AND INFO !!! #IFWT

We all know that Kanye West fans have gone SUPER hard time and time again and will always ride for Yeezy, but we never saw it like this before.

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According To news sources a plastic zip lock bag allegedly filled with air of a Kanye West Yeezus Tour concert has over 50 bidders reached $60,000 on eBay. There has also been other sellers on eBay who have sold bags of Yeezus Concert Air for $5,000.

Why Don’t they just spend a fraction of that money on a ticket to go to a Kanye West concert , and then just get there own bags??? THEY EVEN GET TO BREATH THE AIR !!!!!!

Well anyway , while the sale has been officially taken down , the seller was from Elkins Park Pennsylvania .The Wife of Kanye West , Kim Kardashian was amused by the sale and even tweeted a screenshot of the item.

You can Check out the tweet from Kim Kardashian about fans bidding on The bag of air from the Kanye West Yeezus Concert right in the gallery !!!!