World's Oldest Person Celebrates 117!

Word of the Day: A “centenarian” is a person of at least 100 years old…you could definitely say the turn up* is well deserved as the World’s Oldest Person Celebrates 117th Birthday!

What are birthdays like when you got a century in the game? Misao Ohkawa of Osaka, Japan is the World’s Oldest Person Celebrates 117th Birthday and get this, is one of 58,000(!) centenarians living in Japan (always knew it was a magical place)–most of them are women by the way (87%!!!). Funny is at her advanced age Misao is still wondering about the secret to longevity, though to many of us it looks like she got that covered. The Washington Post reports:

“The world’s oldest person says 117 years doesn’t seem like such a long time…Okawa, born in Osaka on March 5, 1898, was recognized as the world’s oldest person by Guinness World Records in 2013. “It seemed rather short,” she said after Osaka government official Takehiro Ogura, who brought her a big bouquet, asked how she felt about living for 117 years.”

Wow, “rather short” huh? Just goes to show how fluid time is and the amazing (or nah) things we all do with it. The World’s Oldest Person Celebrates 117th Birthday says she’s “very happy” to be her age and gratefully so she’s not a vegetable. She might have “slowed in the past few months” but eats well, is in good health and currently lives in a nursing home. She wore a pink kimono and cherry blossoms for her birthday celebration (stunting!)–the blossoms are also a centuries old symbol of fragility and the beauty of life in Japan (#ForTheWin). She has three children, four grandchildren and six great grandchilden–her husband died in 1931 (damn that’s deep).

The news of the World’s Oldest Person Celebrates 117th Birthday is also amazing when you put it next to news like the 19 year old black male shot in Wisconsin this week (RIP). The message: You might be here longer than you expect, but tomorrow’s also definitely not promised. Check the vid below and the gallery up top–see the “ultracentenarian” who released a rap album at age 122!–(imagine how albums Viper would have).

Live ya life! Protect your health. Make some happiness.

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