IFWT_Ciphs New Job
Look at my Bro doing his thizzle!!! We all know what happened a few weeks ago, and all though Ciph has joined the RocNation fam, he hasn’t announced any specific career choice, but he has stayed in the comedy loop, but he’s taking that further…

Tat Wza

He’s going to show anyone interested in improving their comedy chops with an Improv class!! See details below!!!

Sundays 2-5pm

People ask me all the time how to get into IMPROV…
A lot of these people know that they are “FUNNY” but they don’t know what to do with it.
Improv is the key in many different ways.
It’s the cornerstone of performing comedy and gaining stage presence,
but it also helps people get better at…
stand up comedy
sketch writing
public speaking
confidence building
social gatherings
becoming an expert in any subject

Through my years of improv training, I have put together a class for anyone interested in taking that first step.
In this class we will focus on the basics of long-form improv. Agreement, active listening, connectivity, characterization, pulling from the truth and life to find humor and create comedic scenes all made-up on the spot.

Almost all cast members of Saturday Night Live, Wild-N-Out,v30Rock, The Office, and many other shows have had improv training…
and YOU should too!!!

Sundays 2-5pm
MARCH 15th
MARCH 22nd
MARCH 29th
April 12th


Cipha Sounds
on a supreme mission to have fun

@ciphasounds @jointhemvmt

Congrats Ciph, so Happy you’re following your Dream!!!