Woop, well that answers any lingering questions in anybody’s mind. Officially back on? French & Khloe K return from their romantic getaway in Florida Key West, and it appears that their brief separation back last September was only temporary, as the two have been spotted kicking it on the low on multiple occasions. Peep the two lovebirds on their Key West adventures inside.

Looks like ole Frenchie came to his senses and thought better of letting the youngest Kardashian sister go. Hey I’m sure the massive deal the Kardashian clan inked, with the E! netwwork definitely helped. As the family is receiving a reported $100 M to extend and provide more seasons for the network. Which obviously bodes as good news for French if he’s looking to get more fat appearance checks for being on camera for “KUWTK”, which I’m sure has crossed his mind……

Any who, the pair along with some other friends such as Chinx Drugz and Malika Haqq made sure to partake in all the festivities and amenities offered by the romantic resort.French reportedly greeted Khloe K with a bouquet of roses to start off the getaway. In addition to the duo making sure to spend plenty of QT together, even surrounded by a group of friends. The duo were spotted fresh off their Floridian vacay arriving at the airport together. See photos in the gallery above of the two’s getaway.

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