New Yorker Saves Girl From Committing Suicide On Train Tracks. Suicide is never an option but that doesn’t resonate well with some people who are actually going through something very deep that they feel like there’s no hope but death. I’m sure this was what the woman in the video below was feeling and going through, until a stranger went on the tracks and managed to get her out.

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Acts of kindness and heroics are the ones that we need in our society today because times are tough and you truly don’t know what your neighbors or friends are going through personally. It’s important for people to know that suicide is never an option, there’s always hope. What I didn’t understand was why it took the police that long to come get her, the video was a minute long and it started from when she was already down there. Who knows long she’s been sitting on those tracks and how long after the video it took the police to come. There’s been a rise in suicide on train tracks recently and I feel as though more should be done to prevent it such as having police officers on duty patrolling every subway tracks. That would be a very huge step in preventing these types of suicide. 800-273-8255 is the national suicide hotline, share this article with friends and family and help save a life.