Lil Cease on Junior MAFIA Reunion

Coming together, showing love and being successful is something special to the Bad Boy clique veteran. Speaking on the journey of Hip Hop, being under BIG’s wing and what could come in the future, Lil Cease on Junior MAFIA Reunion: “I’m All For It!”

Nessa of Hot 97 caught up with Lil Cease in an exclusive interview, fitting as there’s been a worldwide homage to the Notorious BIG on this the 18th year since his death. In talking how far Hip Hop has come–and possibly how far the Notorious clique could go–Lil Cease on Junior MAFIA Reunion: “I’m All For It!” offers a bright spark of hope!

Speaking also in the spirit of the influence, creativity, talent and maturity of the “Ready to Die” legend, Lil Cease on Junior MAFIA Reunion says “let’s give the people what they want.” You can clearly hear the love in his heart, though he says the anticipation is actually really on Kim. Cease says he’s still active with all the Mafia members but her, but don’t get it twisted: it’s still all* love.

“The Mafia is still the Mafia to me…I don’t hold no grudges. We all go through things for certain reasons. I think it was meant for us to separate to get ourselves together on our own and then come back together. If it comes around to it, I’m more than open to it. Kim is family.”

…that’s real talk, real love and real situations! Cease is also very motivated by the recent Revolt concert and NBA All-Star weekend event by Diddy and Snoop that brought a lot of strong forces in Hip Hop together–to the same venue where the once dubbed “East Coast–West Coast” war spawned during The Source Awards 20 years ago. He feels beyond fulfilling any spectacle, reunions and coming together above tragedy and drama is what the culture needs. And something many wish BIG, Pac etc. could’ve been here to see:

“There’s enough money out there for everyone to come out and be successful. Just to see all that come together that day, that was special. That was something that was definitely needed and it was cool to come from pioneers like that. It wasn’t like the new cats, you really had some OGs that got up there that should have did it, and that was dope to see.”

Well, if it’s all on the Notorious K.I.M., then we know who we’re waiting for! Judging from her come-back performance on “Ladies Night” during last year’s Soul Train Awards, her skills on the mic and on stage are still “Queen Bee” quality–so it’s probably a mental/emotional hesitation if anything. Do you feel the same as Lil Cease on Junior MAFIA Reunion? Would you be front row and center for this???

Check the vid! And don’t forget the gallery up top!

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