IFWT_Apple Watch
Apple: We have waited a few months since Tim Cook announced the Apple Watch in Sept to find out the details of Apple’s ‘Next Big Thing’. Little details like 22 variants of the Watch(five Watch Sport, 12 Watch, five Watch Edition), and Big rumors like the price of the Gold edition have been circulating, but all of that is over, the Read Deal is Here!!

Tat Wza

Before we get to the watch, we have to talk about ‘HBO Now’, for $15 a month, you can get HBO without cable(which is $5 more than with Cable) but you will need an Apple device, they are exclusive partners!

iPhone sold it’s 700 Millionth iPhone, and are the #1 customer satisfied Smartphone.

Apple Pay has grown to almost every major Bank.

Car Play is in every major car manufacturer, incredible!

Tim went on to talk abut Health kit, and developments into medical research, which Apple will help open the doors to keep the world healthy. Now we have Research Kit, a software specifically for medical research. They will try and conquer diseases like Parkinson’s, from home assessments, to developers figuring out Apps to help keep you healthy, way beyond the simple Health Apps in devices to date! And all of it goes toward research the medical community already have going on, speeding up the process to unlock cures faster!!

On to some hardware, the all new Macbook;

Super small and thin, an all new keyboard, stops those keys from getting funny. No fan(not sure yet thats good), new logic board, 35% more battery life. New Multitouch trackpad, that has a tactile engine to feel your touch.Retina display of course, all in a unibody, but the ports might be extremely innovative, only 1 port, which is all ports, introducing the new USB-creversable USB port, which is the power port, Video output, and on the other side an earphone 3.5mm jack, and that’s it!

Apple Watch;

“It’s not just with you, it’s on you” Tim starts with when talking about the Apple Watch.

Time wise it’s super accurate, and many ways to see time with many faces.

Things like taking a call, replying to texts and emails is not new, but does look good from Apple. Digital Touch is new though and looks pretty fun for loved ones!
We’ve already heard all about the cool things like calls, replies to texts, changes faces, but it wll also have Apple Pay, and connection to social media, Uber…/many Apps now, many to come!

Also connects through Bluetooth and Wifi, so if you’re on the same network, your iPhone and watch don’t have to be right next to each other.

It will also help you check in at Airports and Hotel rooms.

‘All-Day Battery Life; up to 18

Apps for the watch get downloaded through the iPhone, in iOS 8.2

Apple Watch Sport Edition; $349, 42mm $399

Apple Watch Collection Edition; Expensive $550-$1040 42mm $599-1099

Apple Watch Edition: I’m not even gonna insult you, but he mentioned $10k