It’s all good until TMZ asks your mother about your fake relationship. After surprising fans with an appearance to Ariana Grande’s Detroit concert, the blossoming G.O.O.D. member and his mother, Myra Anderson, were spotted at LAX. The chat with TMZ is all about traveling – eh, Dubai here, and Africa there – and BOOM, the question gets asked. “How do you feel about Ariana?” What does Big Sean’s mom really think about Ariana Grande? Find out after the jump.

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After being asked the question, Myra perks up real well. She mentions the Detroit show before Big Sean gives the signal to not mention A.G. Only, she goes on, but not without watching her next words. “She’s great … she’s fabulous,” Sean Don’s mom says. She adds that 20,000 people seen her son at the concert the night before, so uhhh, it’s nothing big. That didn’t stop him from admitting how mom, “loves spilling the beans.”

What’s the secret? Huh, Sean Michael Leonard Anderson – don’t mothers love giving the entire government – what’s the secret? They hiding something ya’ll!

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Big Sean, who recently released a number one album, Dark Sky Paradise, is also getting ready to tour. The spring tour begins March 12 in Cancun. Find out more here.