Star Wars Gets First Gay Character

The latest to jump on the diversity train is a well known and legendary series, but does this move make much sense past politics? Praise and criticism erupt as the Star Wars Universe Gets Its First Gay Character!

CNN reports Star Wars Universe Gets Its First Gay Character in an increased attempt to ramp up the variety of human-kind in the series. While that’s fitting as backlash ensued ‘back in the day’ for the all white and mostly male cast, we’ve slowly seen a tide change through the likes of Billy Dee Williams and Samuel L. Jackson, to name a few. The next ‘saga’ in this push to the future is taking a new direction however:

According to the sci-fi website Big Shiny Robot, the upcoming novel “Lords of the Sith” will feature a capable but flawed Imperial official named Moff Mors who “also happens to be a lesbian.”

OK…so the Star Wars Universe Gets Its First Gay Character will be female. While some find this a giant leap for the Disney owned franchise–some are asking “what difference does it make,” really? Sources report gay characters and other uncommon character builds have showed up in the Star Wars franchise before (mostly books and video games), however they’ve showed up in the “Legends” category which Disney last year segregated as not ‘canon’–dubbed so almost with a sidebar, fiction-off-fiction, ‘and then there’s this’ status.

This may be the latest controversy since the Black Storm Trooper in The Force Awakens. Hard (and not hard) to believe Disney was ready…but are you and the rest of the world ready for Star Wars Universe Gets Its First Gay Character? Was this genuine or just a move to grow the audience and keep the legend going? Should they keep looking to increase diversity in the ‘canon’ of the Star Wars universe?

Check the gallery up top and witness the evolution!

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