Oh, damn! While he understands that everyone at the university is not to blame for the recent racist viral video to hit the ‘net, Waka Flocka cancels concert in Oklahoma. The video shows Sigma Alpha Epsilom frats chanting some crude things, and now, it is the reason students will suffer. The show was to be held at the very university that centers the recent topic of conversation. Waka, who is currently on a tour that will last into May, announced that the show will not go on, all in the name of a cause.

“SMFH.. I know for a fact the whole school and SAE don’t agree with those kids actions so know that I’m not madd at the whole #SAE just those disgusting kids!!!!!!,” Waka posts to IG. “#WFF We can’t change history but we damn sure can create our own future #DeathToRacism,” he adds.

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This is why you gotta love Waka Flocka Flame, he stands for something bigger than his career. The Atlanta artist is not the only one in the BSM camp that feels some type of way. Brick Bronson, President of Waka’s 36BRICKHOUSE states that following:

As we embark on the fiftieth anniversary of Selma, a landmark which embodies the very spirit of change and equality, the memory of Dr. King and the members of the civil rights movement who proudly served will not be forgotten nor forsaken. We too, shall be absent from the likes of those whom participate in such self-injustice. Let our decision weld a platform of conversation rather than raise the brows of anger among those who share our distaste and disgust from such a video. This was not a disciplinary action on the innocent students, nor among the guilty that share such wayward thoughts, but a collective reminder of the stain in which remains.

Waka Flocka cancels concert in Oklahoma is a bigger picture, and more should take a look.

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