Suge Knight’s hit-and-run situation is only getting worse by the minute. While he tries to claim that he was in fear for his safety – yeah, sure – the big guy has been made to look like a liar after the release of video footage showing Suge running down two victims (Cle “Bone” Sloan and Terry Carter), then doubling back to run over them again.

Suge Knight hit-and-run victim says there was no gun, or shall we say; the manager of Bone says that there was no reason for dude to have been fearful. Although the recently released tape shows Bone handing over a black object, the manager insists it was not a gun, but a walkie talkie. I mean, it was a movie set; the walkie talkie sounds plausible. Can they produce that walkie talkie is the question.

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As if the video of the hit-and-run wasn’t bad enough, Suge’s past actions just might land him in jail for the rest of his life. In 2012, the man in question was caught on tape leaving a Hollywood nightclub, only to be faced with a mob. WHY … his friend Katt Williams. In an attempt to come to the aid of Katt – whom he faces a theft charge with – Suge smacked a guy, then hopped in the all-white SUV, with Katt riding backseat – and ran over a bystander.

Oh, give it to the prosecution why don’t you. If Suge wins this one, my faith in the legal system will drop tremendously; it’s not a far leap to the bottom after George Zimmerman got off. Besides, he’s forever getting caught on camera.

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