_Bruce Jenner Made Decision To Transition To A Woman More Than A Year Ago!

I’m sure I’m not the only one when I say this whole Bruce Jenner/sex change ordeal is freaking me TF out. However, apparently I am not the only one. Bruce plans to put a pause on his gender transformation for the mean time because of a few very important factors. 1) Bruce feels that the TV producers are rushing him to try to get a May air date for the documentary that will show his entire sex change process and 2) he isn’t sure his three sons are mentally prepared to face the harsh reality of their daddy becoming..well.. mommy.

Bruce is also still trying to cope with the extreme emotions he’s dealing with after being involved in a car crash that resulted in the death of a woman due to his inattentiveness. However– Bruce’s big interview with Diane Sawyer will NOT be delayed, regardless of how his family feels or the death of the woman in the car crash. I can only imagine how difficult it was PRIOR to the sex change news for Bruce simply to be apart of a family with such a crazy buzz but now, I could only imagine at how overwhelmed the poor guy must be. #COLDWORLDNOBLANKET.

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Source: TMZ