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A Seattle area teen recently sent out 30 letters, one to each NBA franchise asking why he should be a fan of their team (since it could be a little while before Seattle gets a team again). This was no form letter, each one was handwritten and included a drawing of the team logo.  Only one team responded.

Shay Marie

The Minnesota Timberwolves responded.  Not only did they respond, they also sent a letter with 10 reasons to be a Timberwolves fan — which was heavy on Andrew Wiggins related answers, as it should be — but also an autographed ball.

Here is what 16-year-old Connor posted on Reddit:

The Timberwolves were the only ones to respond to my letters!

It’s an old ball probably from around 2010-2013 since it has Luke Ridnour on it, but I don’t mind.

Unfortunately the ball doesn’t have KG or Wiggins. Ridnour grew up in the town next to mine in Washington and I remember how hyped the community was when he was drafted by the Sonics.

They were actually the team I was rooting for to send me a response because I love Wiggins, my 2k player is on the Timberwolves, and wolves are my favorite animals (hence the username). Also, I’m aware of the grammatical error I made at the bottom.

I’m probably not switching teams though because a response may be an attempt to compensate for this reddit post. Needless to say, I’m a Timberwolves fan now!”

That is how you win a fan for life. Or at least until a team moves to Seattle. Well done, Minnesota.

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h/t ProBasketballTalk