When most athletes tell what’s on their pregame playlist, it’s usually hip hop like Drake, Kanye West and even some throwbacks like Biggie, Tupac and DMX or even Rock and any kind of music that get’s you pumped.  Even New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady listed Jay-Z as his go to choice.  But when Chicago Bulls’ Jimmy Butler was asked, he had quite a surprising answer.

Shay Marie

“I get my own playlist in warmups sometimes,” Butler told ProBasketballTalk. “My teammates don’t like it very much because it’s country music, but they get over it.”

Country? Yes. Starting with Taylor Swift.

“I like Taylor Swift,” Butler said. “I like music as a whole, but her music is kinda catchy. I’m sure she’ll hear this interview now and be like ‘what’s going on?’”

So what’s on his playlist?

“I like country music. I listen to a little hip-hop,” Butler told us. “But I try to listen to people I’ve gained relationships with over the years, so whether it’s Ludacris or Lee Brice or Jason Aldean, whoever it is I try to support them just like they support me.”

Definitely wasn’t expecting a tough guy like Butler to say he likes listening to Taylor Swift before games but then I remember seeing reports that he wants to date her.  It’s also dope he supports his friends in the music industry.