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If you haven’t been following the Warriors vs. Clippers (well mainly Draymond Green, Dahntay Jones and Doc Rivers) saga let me catch you up really quickly.

Shay Marie

First Draymond Green went in on Dahntay Jones for bumping him during his postgame interview.  Green believes Jones did it on purpose to get camera time and he made several jokes about Jones riding the bench and not playing.

Then the league fined Jones $10,000 for the bump which of course upset him.  Jones said he didn’t bump Green intentionally and that Draymond was just looking for attention.

Then coach Doc Rivers got in on the action questioning Green’s toughness and making sarcastic remarks about how hard the bump was.

Then Green fired back at Doc calling him by his real first name, Glenn.

And now here we are with Doc’s reply to that.

via Arash Markazi of ESPN:

On Wednesday, Rivers laughed when he heard Green use his birth name in an attempted slight.

“Clearly they’re thinking about us more than we know,” Rivers said. “It makes me happy that I could get someone mad. That probably made my day.”

“When my mom was mad at me and Pat Riley was mad at me they called me Glenn,” Rivers said. “So I guess now Draymond is in that category.”

I would love to see the Warriors and Clippers face off in the playoffs but these childish quips gotta go, it’s kinda dragging now.