Kanye Says Drake Is Healthy Competition

Once upon a time Kendrick put out the call on “Control” that he’s “usually homeboys with the same ni**as I’m rhyming with//but this is Hip Hop and them ni**as should know what time it is.” Well whether you’re Mayweather, Bruce Lee, Ronda Rousey or nah…doesn’t really matter who you are–you’re not much without your competition and there’s nothing like a sparring partner to keep you on your toes. Well the bell’s been ringing for the major league’s of Hip Hop and now one record-breaking Canadian is giving a Chicagoan a run for his money. Kanye Says Drake Is Healthy Competition!

It’s not out of the ordinary that Kanye Says Drake Is Healthy Competition, after all he IS killing the game right now! It must have also hit close to home when after Yeezus and Paul McCartney started making history, a couple blinks of the eye and here’s Drake single-handedly making history in the arena of The Beatles with every song off the IYRTITL mixtape/album. Hip Hop DX reports Ye saying he definitely felt that and admits he was getting a little comfortable:

Kanye says he was “getting fat” before he noticed Drake was breaking records on Billboard charts.”Bow! Bow! Bow! Fourteen hits, same as Paul McCartney. Bow!” ‘Ye says, excitedly. “I was like, ‘Wow. Okay let me go to the studio. Let me get these lyrics up. Let me see what’s happening.’ That’s where you’re getting these records from.”

Mhmm…OK! That’s definitely a follow through since he’s dropped “Wolves,” “All Day” and “Awesome” just in the last couple weeks. But beyond that Kanye Says Drake Is Healthy Competition and is actually inspiring Yeezy season to get back to “shooting in the gym.”

Musically, Kanye says Drake has been inspiring his recent resurgence. “I look at Drake as an amazing sparring partner,” he says during the interview. “He’s someone who’s like, ‘C’mon man. Get back up, man, bow. Get back up. What’s up? What’s up bro? What you doing?'”

Kanye Says Drake Is Healthy Competition but we’re also not too far removed from their list of collabos so far. Earlier this month we saw the release of the “Blessings” video, not to mention Drizzy’s Irving Plaza show where he brought out Ye and covered “Only One” (awww). Of course the co-cover isn’t new to the mega-stars, last year saw Yeezy cover an entire set of Drake songs in concert.

Is competition just what Hip Hop needs more of? Check the vid and don’t forget the gallery up top!

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