Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is the proud mother of two adorable little twins, Mia and Emme. Although it’s difficult constantly being in the spotlight, J. Lo tries to keep her parenting rules as strict as possible when it comes to her seven-year-olds. She recently had a sit-down with E! News where she detailed what her “Sunday Funday” consists of for her and her tiny tots.

“It starts with a late breakfast. We sleep in, even the kids sleep in. And Sunday Funday, they work towards that because they don’t get to use their iPads during the week,” she revealed. “Or play video games or anything because it’s school time. And they have to be good in school and then they get Sunday Funday. It’s something I made up so they could work towards it and behave!”

The 45-year-old then went on to explain how she strictly monitors the amount of time her kid’s spend playing on their electronic devices. “All they want to do is be on these devices all the time. They get to play with it as much as they want that day,” she explains. “And I get to lay down because it’s an amazing baby [tool]—everybody knows—that’s why they give it to them all the time. But you know, I try to regulate it and then on Sunday, I let them go and I take a nap while they’re doing it.”

Love it! It’s great to be strict on your children without taking it overboard. Check out some super cute pics of Mia, Emme and J.Lo over in the gallery!

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