_Miley Cyrus' Home Is Burglarized For The Third Time!

We knew Miley Cyrus’ wild party girl ways would come to an end eventually, but we were not expecting them to come to a halt so soon! Ever since the twerk gawd started dating Patrick Schwarzenegger, she has started to cover herself up and act more conservative. In fact, the couple is so serious with one another that they’re even talking marriage in the near future, according to sources. Miley is even trying to go above and beyond to impress her soon-to-be mother in law, Maria Shriver.

Most of the time couples who meet in the “party lifestyle” don’t last, but it seems that these two are both completely with it. You go, girl! See– there is hope for ALL of us ladies. Every last one of us. *wipes sweat off forehead.*

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Source: TMZ