Rumors are flying that the “Glory” king, Common and 12 Years A Slave actress, Lupita Nyong’o are a couple on the rise. It’s not just a story, but there’s photographic proof. The two were spotted out in the city grabbing some grub – at The Pershing Square – and catching an off-broadway show.

What we’re hearing is the two could be working on a film together, but in a restaurant; ION. You tell me … check it out after the jump.

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Am I the only one who believes this is a match made in heaven?

Check out the gallery for date night.

Aside from making our hearts melt, Lupita is making waves in Paris. The beauty covers Paris Match and talks all thing’s voo voo le ma sai swah … and her next roles.


Ambassador of a major French beauty brand , what do you know about France?

I went, but not long enough . I learned French. When you live in Africa, it is important. For ten years , I have taken courses that were held on Saturday . What made me miss my favorite cartoons . and I took the language flu. Now I regret it.

How does one pass without transition from Kenya to Hollywood?

Remaining very close to the people who knew me before I made the object of all this attention . I like to take them in my travels . They upset me and make fun of me when I have to

Do you have new roles in preparation?

Yes, “Star Wars” in particular. I am ready to try my hand at every genre , as long as the role is that of an attractive woman.