50 Cent To Stand Trial For Posting Rick Ross’Baby Mama Sex Tape! What’s done in the dark always come to the light. Unfortunately for Lastonia Leviston what she did in the dark reached over 3.2 MILLION viewers. Back in January Rick Ross ex sued the “Candy Shop” rapper for releasing the sex tape on YouTube without her permission. 50 cent tried to get the case dismissed but he was denied, now he is to stand trial in June. More info After the jump.

50 Cent To Stand Trial For Posting Rick Ross’ Baby Mama Sex Tape! Celebrity nudes pics and sex tapes reaching the masses is nothing new.However this can me devastating for some people and apparently it is for Lastonia Leviston. Kim Kardashian claimed she was devastated also;she sued and received money for her tape as well.

Back to 50 the court system is not taking it easy on him at all. They are slated to pick the jury out on May 26th “Jackson, who is the executive producer of the Starz channel’s hit TV show, “Power,” tried to have the trial postponed until October. The judge in the case refused.” It’s doesn’t look good it seems like he should just try to make a settlement but I guess we have to stay tuned. This is so much drama!

Everybody should just turn off all devices and go about there business. I mean where do you think the tape is going to end up especially when your a celebrity or your dating a celebrity. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.