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Kevin Gates Post Pic Of Deceased Parent On Instagram! The “I don’t Get Tired ” rapper is no stranger to pain he has been very vocal about his rough up bringing and the death of his brother.This must be a devastating time for the rapper. Sorry for your loss. more info after the jump.

Kevin Gates Post Pic Of Deceased Parent On Instagram! I know everyone deals with death differently. However this picture is very disturbing for some reason maybe because his hand is over her mouth? “Viewing the body of the woman I called my mama before my show,I’m a miss you I love you forever R.I.P. #Abuela #BWA #idgt”

Kevin has mentioned in countless interviews that he is very emotional. In the past he would be easily angered; he revealed that he was acting that way because he was “living in fear.” I hope he is able to cope with the death of this woman he calls mom. This isn’t the first bizarre photo he posted on Instagram. Last month he posted a video sharing he kicked a woman out of his home after she declined to give his dog… fellatio.Yikes! He also mentioned that talking his problems out in interviews is therapeutic for him perhaps Instagram is another therapeutic outlet for him. Let me know your thought in the comments was is this pic a little to much for the public?