SMH. Hide your kids! Nickelodeon comes under fire for showing a topless female cartoon character? Yup. Its official…..your children are not even safe to watch what has been deemed “kid friendly” any more. On March 5th, during the airing of “”Oggy and the Cockroaches”, Nickelodeon illustrators took it TOO far when a parent noticed while watching the their child’s programming with them, that their was XXX illustration tucked into the imagery of the show. Uh oh…..this is not going to end well for the supposedly kid friendly network. Watch inside.

Kid friendly channel Nickelodeon, has definitely raised eyebrows in past, even coming under fire previously for inappropriate messages they are subliminally feeding children. Hell, I’m grown and can admit that on several occasions I have caught myself watching Sponge Bob thoroughly entertained. However, this clearly was not the case for the parent of an eight year old child, who was forced to have a talk about the female anatomy, after cartoonist included a racy image of a topless female character in the kiddy show. Naturally after all hell was raised behind the imagery, the episode has been pulled from their archives. Duh…..Nickelodeon is definitely going to be in for a rough road ahead. Watch the clip below.

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