Tony Yayo reveals that he is working on a new Mixtape to release this year. The G-Unit member also aired out one of Eminem’s most annoying habits. Hop into the post for the details !! #IFWT

Tony Yayo recently did some press over at First We Feasts “Hot Ones” show to answer questions and take part in a hot wing challenge.The interview only really lasted for about five minutes but it was very informative with the info Tony Yayo was able to provide.

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Tony Yayo says that the shmoney dance is better then his own dance and most others.

Tony Yayo said “For right now its above the Yayo dance , the Yayo dance is #2 tho ”

Tony Yayo also let out what he believes is Eminem’s most ANNOYING habit

“Every time, we’re around Em and we’re backstage, there’s Taco Bell everywhere,” Yayo says, as he eats a spicy chicken wing. “Shout out to Taco Bell. Sometimes you want something a little different.”

Tony Yayo didn’t get a chance to finish the actual wing challenge but he is still able to promote G-Units latest project ‘The Beast Is G-Unit’ and several other upcoming moves he is about to make. Tony Yayo also told sources that his new Mixtape will be on its way soon !

Check out the Full interview with Tony Yayo below !!