On Friday, the borough police stopped a man and his pregnant passenger because they of a minor motor vehicle violation. What happened next?
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Marina McCarthy was with Dakota Dunning when they were pulled over around 5:40 p.m by officer Mike Trover because the temporary registration on the back window wasn’t visible. Dunning, who was the driver, had an active warrant out in Oxford Township N.J and had bail for $593. His license was suspended and his car wasn’t registered nor was it insured.

The cops suspected that the couple had drugs in the car and it was true, but it wasn’t stashed in an obvious place. When they played back a videotape that was taken from a surveillance camera, the pregnant woman was caught in action. Detective James Calaski reviewed the footage and he saw her reaching into her pants multiple times, turned out she put 89 bags of heroin into her vagina. WOW, how did all of that even fit in there? That’s gross and so unsanitary… ANYWAY!

The 6 month pregnant mom to be is now facing charges of possession of a controlled dangerous substance. A female cop from Wyckoff came to make sure McCarthy took the bags out of her vagina, checked and cleared by EMT but she refused hospital attention. Since the incident, she has been released and will have to make a court appearance on March 17th. As for Dunning, he was released with motor vehicle summonses and has the exact same court date.

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