V. Stiviano might genuinely have love for Donald Sterling but she also strikes me as a fame whore.  Stiviano is most famously known as the woman on the leaked tapes that revealed Sterling was racist, which most people already knew but hearing the actual words created a firestorm.  Sterling was subsequently banned from the NBA and the Los Angeles Clippers were sold to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for a record $2 billion.  Since then both Stiviano and Sterling have faded away from the headlines but here we are yet again.

Shay Marie

Stiviano took to her Instagram account and professed her love for Sterling.  She also dissed his estranged wife Rochelle Sterling who filed a court hearing to have him ruled mentally incompetent so the sale of the Clippers could proceed.

Here’s the caption:

” I will forever be your ANGEL ” Don’t let the evil witch of the west Rochelle (Shelly) Sterling suck the living life out of you. I’m here for you. I’ve always been here. I’m not going anywhere. I’m turning thee other cheek while unveiling the truth. Mask the pain with LOVE and compassion for thy enemy. When things get hard wear the visor and let your tears of joy flow. There’s nothing you can’t handle. Don’t give up on life now. You know the truth and that’s all that matters. This too shall pass. I LOVE you. I’ve learn from some of the best people in the world. Lucky and very bless and so it is. #LATimes#LosAngelesTimes #News #NYTimes#NewYorkTimes #TheNewYorkBestSellers #1#Author #Writer #NewsWeek #WashingtonPost#ChicagoTribune #Crown #Publishers #Publishing#RandomHouse #TheNewyorker #WallStreetJournal#Change #Politics #DonaldTSterling #LOVES#VStiviano LOVE is my only motivation.

Nice of her to tag all the major news publications.

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