Last week, Marvin Gaye’s estate won $7.4 million in their lawsuit against “Blurred Lines” creators Robin Thicke and Pharrell for its illegal sampling of Gaye’s “Got To Give It Up.” Though T.I. was also on the song (making $700,000 to date from it) and the guys’ respective record labels Interscope, Star Trak Entertainment and Universal all got about $3 million each, only Robin and Pharrell were forced to pay out. (They both made a little over $5 million from the song, so splitting $7.4 between them still left them with around $1.5 million each. There was also around $8 million in publishing revenue made, though it’s unclear how the splits worked for that.)

Today, it’s been announced that the Gaye estate now wants to go after Tip and the labels as well. They’re also currently seeking an injunction to stop distribution of the song until Marvin gets a writer’s credit, and they get royalties. Do you think the Gaye estate is going too far, or are they simply seeking what’s rightfully owed? Let us know in the comments!

Marisa Mendez

Source: TMZ