Crooked I On Gay Rappers

Always a controversial topic, but this Cali-bred MC makes a great point on why baiting, shaming, ‘the closet’ and homophobia should be less-of-a-big-deal in Hip Hop now. Crooked I On Why It’s Important Gay Rappers Come Out and why the culture should evolve to accept.

Crooked I On Why It’s Important Gay Rappers Come Out is more a proposal of #facts and comparisons than a co-sign to any agenda though some may argue different. The years are moving on and the world is shifting more to diversity (though also growing to outgrow the idea of being ‘politically correct’), just last week we saw the announcement of Star Wars franchise getting its first gay character. “But what does that have to do with Hip Hop?” some of you are screaming? Well, Crooked I sat with VladTV and carved out a few points to bring it full circle.

“If you’re gay then you’re just a gay guy,” he says. He supplements his argument by adding that many entertainment professionals, like David Geffen for example, have come out of the closet and openly live their lives. Speaking further on alleged Hip-Hop homosexuals, KXNG says, “Everybody knows the gay rappers. Or they have their opinions on who’s gay.” He goes on to challenge his closeted peers to come out claiming, “If you’re a gay rapper it’s not that important to hide it. It’s more important that you say it.”

…Hmmm. While some may accuse Crooked I On Why It’s Important Gay Rappers Come Out as itself a baiting call, consider his point on the intersection of masculinity, sports and Hip Hop culture. There’s no doubt the links as you really never see one without the other, but his point is deeper than surface. The gay rapper has no doubt caught a lot of flack but could that wave change?:

Crooked I then asserts that in music, Hip-Hop is considered the final frontier of masculinity, and an insightful correlation is made between Hip-Hop and the testosterone-fueled sports of football and boxing. Crooked questions, “If football is one of the final frontiers of masculinity of sports and you have guys coming out, why not in Hip-Hop?”

Is that not #valid? What do you think of Crooked I On Why It’s Important Gay Rappers Come Out? As far as his actual grind, West coast titan Crooked I is slated to act as host and judge on a Hip Hop-talent-search-competition based reality show that’s still in production. Check the vid for his full comments!

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